We will help to launch corporate innovations, learn how to make products, rather than just projects, find value and sustainable business models faster
from 3 months
Corporate and open accelerators
We will organize an accelerator on a turn-key basis starting from fine-tuning of the incoming team application funnel and finding, choosing as well as teaching coaches to building a systematic acceleration process to ultimately create teams ready to attract funding and/or ensure explosive growth.
from 3 months
Tracking for product teams
We help startup, product leaders, and teams, to set quarterly targets, identify bottlenecks in team's work with the market and the product, help to eliminate them through weekly support, mentoring, and implementation of Execution, Product Discovery and Product Evolution processes. Together we will reach your quarterly goal and provide you an instrument.
from 3 months
R&D processes development
We will help you to evaluate how well R&D work within the team or the company is organized, pick an agile process relevant in your case (Scrum or Kanban) and we will carry over its implementation, together reaching a significant boost of your business metrics.
in open or corporate formats
Online, 1 month
Learn to study a market in practice, find problems of your customers, create and test solution hypotheses, engineer user experience and calculate economics all in 60 days of training with experts in the creation of successful products.

Online, 10 days
Find a problem of your customers that is worth solving. Receive help from experts who have already supported hundreds of startup and product teams.
In-person, 2 days
Get familiar with Agile, get to know its benefits and try best Scrum practices through a series of exciting business-games with our Agile experts.
Online, 8 hours
Our Agile experts will help you to learn how to create clear and precise product descriptions without drowning in realization details.
  • Vasily Michailov
    Lead of software development
    in National Settlement Depository
    Our team has launched a product in a month. In the beginning, we knew nothing about the subject matter, didn't know each other and had different training levels. No other course can teach similar skills in a comparable time frame for a comparable budget.
  • Andrey Kucherenko
    Senior product and partnerships strategy manager at MTC
    In the beginning, I was skeptical that it is possible to go from an idea to a working MVP in a month. As a result, we ended up with a working telegram bot that was solving our target audience problems. Users would pay for it and come back without additional acquisition costs, while unit economy "converged".
    I realized what custDev really is. Thanks to a correct approach I grabbed how one can assess product requirements in any field, test hypotheses and abandon them, then test again. For those who don't have experience in working with "frameworks", instruments that you will acquire will be extremely handy for road-map creation, release planning, and backlog development. I regularly use them for the creation of new products.
  • Dmitri Lashenko
    Senior Project Manager in Rambler&Co
    Given course is a really outstanding dive into best practices of product management. It's an opportunity to apply theory in the real world and get unique experience - from market analysis to finding growth points in a finished product. The learning process is very well structured and the rhythm is just spot-on. I would like to express my gratitude to the experts who have been patiently wrecking our illusory concepts and spelling out most complex topics.
We continuously look for and apply new product and project management as well as teaching methods
  • Alexander Eremeev
    Managing Partner,
    VP of Entrepreneurship
    Directed IIDF accelerators for 3 years / Has worked with over 1 300 startups / Successfully developed services in Motorola and WapStart / Brought Shturmann navigation program to market
  • Denis Beskov
    Directed creation and product development in transportation, geo-navigation and project management areas / Introduced ProductCamp in Russia / Developed federal professional standard for digital product manager / Over 17 years of experience in IT, over 6 years in training organization
  • Dmitri Kozlov
    Marketing Lead
    Experienced entrepreneur and banking products manager / Founder of the RocketLP marketing agency/ Organizer of corporate hackathons / Over 12 years in banking / IIDF tracker
  • Daniil Khanin
    Lead Instructor,
    unit economy expert
    Founder of multiple companies / Experienced instructor and consultant
  • Dmitri Abramov
    Lead Instructor, Agile expert
    Chief Product Officer at Kaiten / Co-founder at Sputnyx / Professional Scrum Master, Professional Scrum Product Owner / Experienced project leader / Co-organizer of Product Meetup Moscow meetups.
  • Dmitriy Ustuzanin
    Lead Instructor,
    marketing, and product management expert
    Over 20 years in IT / Has experience in managing a portfolio of B2C products with a collective turnover of over $460 million / Successfully launched more than 10 products
  • Anton Potapov
    Lead Instructor,
    product management expert
    More than 10 years of experience in Design, product and project management / Founder of multiple startups Successfully applies agile methods
  • Yana Ganina
    Educational online program manager
    Over 5 years of experience in project and product management /
    Has brought to market and successfully managed the 3rd biggest product in Agent Plus company.
  • Sergei Medvedev
    Specialist in project management and Agile
    Specializes in Agile transformations for companies / Professional Scrum Master / Increased the productivity of the development department in 8bit by 20% by introducing Agile practices / Over 20 projects in web and mobile development fields
  • Gleb Tertychny
    Theory of Constraints expert
    Founder of multiple businesses / Experienced consultant and tracker
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